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This page is to list all documents/publications/presentations.

  1. A Note on ICT Supported Open Regulatory Mechanism for IGNOU Community Colleges Programs by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan
  2. Agrarian Prosperity through ICT enabled cooperatives of Farmers by Prof. K. R. Srivathsan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU
  3. Presentation at DEP-SSA Workshop, Kolkata by Prof. K. R. Srivathsan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU
  4. ODTEL Presentation at MIT by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU
  5. Presentation at Elelctech – CDAC & JNTU, Hyderabad by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU
  6. Invitation to ODTEL by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU
  7. ODTEL Presentation at Asian-e-University, Kualalumpur by Prof.K.R.Srivathsan
  8. Open Distributed Technology Enhanced Learning (ODTEL) Presentation by Prof.K.R.Srivathsan
  9. IEG Presentation by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan
  10. Technology Enhanced Open Distributed Learning presented by Prof.K.R.Srivathsan.
  11. Operation IGNOU Education Grid - by Prof.K.R.Srivathsan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor,IGNOU.

Papers on Education Grid

  1. The 'I' in IT, A Panchakosha View by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan
  2. Management of Refereed Content Generation and Utilization for Formal Higher Education Paper by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan
  3. A Practical Approach to bring in quality online assisted learning in higher education over a web-enabled environment by Prof K. R. Srivathsan
  4. Future ICT Infrastructure for Education by Prof. K.R.Srivathsan
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