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Inaugurated by Sh. Vayalar Ravi, Hon'ble Minister of Indian Union on 9th August,2009 at Palemad,Kerala

About Us

Sri Vivekananda Community College, owned by a charitable Trust Vivekananda Padana Kendram Foundation is located on the foot hills of the Blue Mountain. It has been serving the community needs through various programmes in agriculture, animal husbandary, health and teacher training.

Address & Contacts

Palemad, PO Edakkara, Malappuram (Dt.)
PIN: 679331
Ph: 04931-275281 278344
Mob: 9447075281
Email: svcte.ignou@gmail.com

Programmes Offer

  • Certificate Course
  1. Computer Application
  2. Office Automation
  3. Desk Top Publishing
  4. Computerised financial–accounting
  5. Primary School Management
  6. Fashion Design
  7. Marketing & Sales
  8. Postnatal Mother & New born
  9. Land Survey Assistant
  10. Building Technology
  11. Small Scale Enterprises
  12. Front Office Management
  • Diploma Course
  1. Laboratory Technician
  2. Cosmetology and Beauty Parlour Management
  3. Fashion Design
  4. Marketing Management.
  5. Community Health Nursing
  6. Building Technology
  7. Dental Technology
  8. Pharmacy Assistant
  9. Computer Hardware Maintenance & Networking
  • Associate Degree
  1. Computer Technology
  2. Medical Laboratory Technology
  3. Hospital Administration
  4. Nursing Assistant

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