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In order to use the content of IGNOU-Wiki (I-Wiki), you need not have an account. However, for the members of the Course Management Group (CMG), who would create the IGNOU education Grid (IEG) pages and edit these from time to time, creation of an account on I-Wiki is essential. editors of the The process of creating an account on IGNOU-Wiki is very similar to registering for an account on one of the free email services like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. It's very easy to create an account, and you won't need much to get started. You will need to have access to a computer with an Internet connection and web browser software (Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, etc.).

Registration and creation of an account provides you with a detailed history of all your amazing work in I-Wiki by associating all your edits to your User name. This is partly for reasons of accountability but it is also helpful from a copyright perspective: if someone wants to use your contributions in a way not allowed under the I-Wiki copyright, they can ask you on your Talk page, for example. Also, the Creative Commons license used on I-Wiki encourages giving appropriate credit to authors, and your username is used to give that credit.

Note: Please do not forget your password or your User name. If you're prone to forgetting these, make sure you enter your email address and verify it when you sign up so you can have a new password sent to you if you forget your current one.

Step 1: Getting to the "Create account" page

Your first activity is to get to the right page where you can create a new account. This is accessed from I-Wiki home page at http://ieg.ignou.ac.in/wiki/index.php/Main_Page An Internet connection is required for this activity.

  • Open your browser (e.g. Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Internet explorer).
  • Direct your browser to the I-Wiki home page:

http://ieg.ignou.ac.in/wiki/index.php/Main_Page by typing in the following website address: http://ieg.ignou.ac.in/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

  • Remember to press your <enter> key.
  • On the top right hand corner of your screen, you will see a link called "log in / create account"
  • Click on this link, which will take you to the "Create account" page.
  • Follow the instructions provided on screen, or read further.

Step 2: Click on the "Create an account" link

I-Wiki distinguishes between two types of users:

  1. Users who already have a log in account
  2. New users who don't yet have an account. (As you are working through this tutorial we expect that you fall into this category).

The next activity demonstrates how new users can get to the correct screen for creating a new account. An Internet connection is required for this activity.

  • Click on the blue link called "Create an account"
Account creation form
  • First solve the simple sum. This is a feature to identify that you are a genuine human user.

Choose a Username

  • After typing in these letters, choose a Username for yourself. Many people like to use a shortened version of their name or alternatively a combination of initials and surname. We suggest that you keep the user name same as that of your email id (to remember). You can choose something different.

Choose a Password

  • You will now need to choose your own password for I-Wiki. Enter this in the space provided. To avoid typing errors with your password, you are required to re-enter your password immediately after the first password box. Remember that passwords are also case sensitive.

Email address

  • Type in your email address. This is optional, however it is useful to enter your email address because in the event that you forget your password, the system will be able to email this back to you on request.
  • Type in your real name. This field is also optional, and is used for attribution purposes when people want to cite or use content you have created on I-Wiki.
  • Don't worry if make a mistake with deciphering the letters. If you get this wrong the system will automatically provide you with a new combination of letters you can try. If you get stuck, ask someone to help you or read the instructions provided on screen.

Once you finish these, click on the “Create account” button. And, yes, your account is created, if the user name is available. Otherwise, you will be given alternatives.

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